Mission Log Iron Man Challenge
Level 1112100
Ships 1Factor: 0.36
Layout Siege0
Sector Very Interesting-20

Other Server Settings

Sensor Range 100 km0
Enemy Speed 300%400
Enemy Shields 300%200
Enemy Weapon Power 300%400
Player Shield Strength 100%0
Player Weapon Power 100%0

Four men thought to themselves "Level 11's are hard enough, why not make it even worse? Let's put enemy systems to 300%!"

Thus came into being the Artemis Iron Man Challenge. This was our first ever attempt at it and none of us really were taking it all that seriously so we didn't make it very far.

The goal of the Iron Man Challenge is not to win. The goal is to keep the stations alive for as long as humanly possible. As soon as all of your stations are destroyed, that is when you call time. The settings must be as follows:
Level 11
Very Interesting
Unlimited Sensor Range
300% on ALL enemy systems
100% on ALL allied systems

We lasted 3:18, what are your times?

The Crew

Artemis (Battleship) Artemis (Battleship)
Commander Corwin
Commander 4
Also doubled as Sci and Comms
Ensign Niko
Officer Cadet Chas
Commander Gahn