==>-- V I C T O R Y --<==

Mission Log The Big 7
Level 74900
Ships 7Factor: 1.01
Layout Double Front-10
Sector Very Interesting-20

Other Server Settings

Sensor Range 8 km57
Enemy Speed 100%0
Enemy Shields 300%200
Enemy Weapon Power 200%200
Player Shield Strength 100%0
Player Weapon Power 100%0

We had 7 ships on a level 7 with heavily boosted enemies. We ended up overhwelming the captain of the Ferocity due to all of the scouts talking to him at the same time.


The Crew

BDS Ferocity (Missile Cruiser)  BDS Ferocity (Missile Cruiser)
Officer Cadet Unknown 2
Unknown number of players/who they were
Officer Cadet Philroi
Officer Cadet 1
Fleet Admiral
Jimi Saru (Scout)  Jimi Saru (Scout)
Officer Cadet Wethington
Solo scout
SCC Concordia (Light Cruiser)  SCC Concordia (Light Cruiser)
Officer Cadet Unknown 1
Unknown number of players/who they were
SDS Tenacity (Light Cruiser)  SDS Tenacity (Light Cruiser)
Officer Cadet Unknown 3
Unknown number of players/who they were
TSN Scout (Scout)  TSN Scout (Scout)
Officer Cadet Trout
Solo scout
TSN Twilight (Scout)  TSN Twilight (Scout)
Ensign Artemus
Solo scout
UEE Hornet (Scout)  UEE Hornet (Scout)
Commander Corwin
Commander 4
Solo scout