==>-- V I C T O R Y --<==

Mission Log A Spooky Assault
Level 63600
Ships 2Factor: 0.68
Layout Siege0
Sector Very Interesting-20

Other Server Settings

Sensor Range 16 km26
Enemy Speed 140%80
Enemy Shields 220%120
Enemy Weapon Power 140%80
Player Shield Strength 100%0
Player Weapon Power 100%0

No video on this one. It was completed on Halloween Night, hence the name. Hayden ran the Clear Skies alone and Vansmalls ran Admiral and science/comms for the Artemis.

They said they wanted a challenge... They got one.

They lost DS4 immediately at the start of the simulation from an enemy Skaraan jumping in on it. DS1 fell quickly after that seeing as the Clear Skies was following the Artemis to defend DS3. The enemies from DS1 proceeded down to DS2 and got quickly dispatched by the Clear Skies and Artemis tag-teaming to kill them. Then a fleet came up below DS2 and killed them off.

The Clear Skies and Artemis then split up with the Artemis heading down to a group that was rapidly approaching DS3, the final remaining allied station while the Clear Skies moved to fight a group rounding a minefield right next to DS3. They then converged to take out a fleet at bearing 300 from DS3 that was roughly a sector and a half out.

They then both redocked and refueled awaiting the enemies to close, giving them time to repair and refuel and restock.

About 2 minutes later, the final enemy ship showed up and the two moved out and destroyed the fleet after suffering heavy damage, ending the simulation.

The simulation took a total of 50 minutes. One NPC died, but all were non-combat ships and did not have much play in the mission.


The Crew

Clear Skies (Battleship)  Clear Skies (Battleship)
Officer Cadet Hayden
Never fly a battleship alone.
Artemis (Light Cruiser) Artemis (Light Cruiser)
Officer Cadet Vansmalls
Officer Cadet Impaler
Our captain was not taking the threat of the enemies seriously. The battleship was not effective as well, which screwed up the Captain's planning.
Officer Cadet Daniel
Officer Cadet 2
Deep Space Stations are delicious to enemies.