==>-- V I C T O R Y --<==

Mission Log 4/11/2015, 1:00.00 PM
Level 86400
Ships 1Factor: 0.36
Layout Misson0
Sector Interesting-10

Other Server Settings

Sensor Range 11 km40
Enemy Speed 120%40
Enemy Shields 100%0
Enemy Weapon Power 100%0
Player Shield Strength 100%0
Player Weapon Power 100%0

Opertation Sirius Feint. The Crew of the Belisarius was asked to hold the line of the Sirius Sector against a main attack fleet of the TAK forces as a distraction for a TSN fleet that was attacking deeper with the TAK held space. Many issues involving subsystems were happening on the Belisarius to make systems go offline or at a reduced capacity during the fight. With cooperation from crew members from the TSN Valiant, the Belisarius was able to hold off and delay the TAK forces long enough to allow the main TSN task force to accomplish it's task and return to the safety of TSN space. It was a hard won and glorious fight for the Belisarius, especially when so many things were going wrong on the ship!


The Crew

Belisarius (Battleship) Belisarius (Battleship)
Captain Buhr, David
Captain 42
Captain Geiken, Deane
Captain 54