==>-- V I C T O R Y --<==

Mission Log Ardent Mission #2
Level 63600
Ships 1Factor: 1.00
Layout Misson0
Sector Very Interesting-20

Other Server Settings

Sensor Range 100 km0
Enemy Speed 100%0
Enemy Shields 100%0
Enemy Weapon Power 100%0
Player Shield Strength 100%0
Player Weapon Power 100%0

We began with the first episode of the Ardent missions written by Arrew of the USN and famed poster on the Artemis forums. It is hard to determine the settings for the missions as each one is different and I have no idea what the levels were set on other than they seem a heck of a lot tougher than level 6!! We played them through to their end and got through 4 of the first 8 episodes. It was great fun!


The Crew

Belisarius (Light Cruiser) Belisarius (Light Cruiser)
Captain Buhr, David
Captain 42
Officer Cadet JT Grady
Lieutenant Schaumburg, Andrew
Captain Geiken, Deane
Captain 54
Officer Cadet John Grady
Lieutenant - Junior Feller, Rick
Lieutenant - Junior 24