First Steps

Setting up your account

Hit "Settings" on your homescreen. Here you can switch between training mode and real missions, set your crew's name and many things more (like your microsite, if you want one).
For bridge-vs-bridge games, each party has to register seperately at Artemis Tools.

Setting up your crew

To keep record of your missions you have to enter your Crew Members first.

Now fly missions

While Setting up the Artemis Server, you can enter the chosen settings (Level, Layout and Sector) in a new Mission. The mission name is date and time per default, but you can give this Mission a name you like. Also each Crew Member can be assigned to the ship and station he will operate. The members last used ship and station is the default. Then hit SAVE.

The saved mission is now "running" and you can mark it as accomplished or failed. You can use the Artemis Tools and come back later, to mark the mission. Just choose the mission you like to edit from the dropdown.
If you chose training mode in "Settings", the mission is considered as "training" mission. If you want to publish your missions you should deactivate the training mode in advance. "Official" missions and will be shown on the homscreen under last missions. Also your crew will be rated and shown on the homescreen.
If you don't want to publish any missions, that's okay! Just stay on "training". You can use the tools for your crew in private. None of your data will then be shown to others.
You can also delete a mission. So, if you delete all missions you loose, your crew would get a much higher ranking, right? But what would be the fun of it? So please, be fair!

To start another mission, hit the Add button.

You can enter a youtube-id to your mission video under "external info".


Each completed mission will be added to your crew's wins and losses. View a single member's stats by clicking his name in the missions rooster. You can even check on witch stations he won or lost (if you did your mission set up, that is).


Set your Mission dates with your crew members under SCHEDULE. Click a day to add a appointment there. Check in the partitipants (or let everyone check for themselves). In the calender view (and on your start page) you will now see the next few dates and the number of checked in crew members.

Engineering Presets

Save your engineering keyboard presets and view at the keyboad display in game to recall i.e. what the '4' button was for.


If coms is informed about a quest, it could not be the right time for the crew to solve it right now. The communications officer can enter the keyfacts (tasks and rewards) quickly and get back to them later.

All saved quests are now available in an overview, showing the next task, how many tasks to solve and the reward for completion. Just hit the according quest button to complete a task of a quest and show the next (if there is one). Completed tasks and missions will be deleted.

To start a new quest (even an additional one) hit the "+" Button.


All known ship's data is retrievable in this library. Including firing arcs and weapon ranges.


The game's default shortcuts for each station. You can store your engineer's presets under "Engineering Presets". This customized keyborad is displayed there.

Publishing Your Game Result

If you like to publish your mission result somewhere (i.e. in the artemis forums), you can do that simply by copying the mission screen on a desktop PC...and pasting it somewhere.

Still lost?

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