Artemis Tools Changelog

04.16added other stations (Fighter pilot and other)
04.16Vessel comparison in library
04.16Update of vessel library for Artemis 2.4.0
04.16eMail Notifications for new schedules
11.14Public Flight Schedule: added clock
11.14Ranks: added new ranks TSNRHINE Admiral
11.14Microsite: design corrections on crew column
10.14CREW: minor design corrections
07.14changed menu style
07.14added help buttons for newly registered
07.14added small help tour at indexpage
07.14SCHED: added "Rookies welcome" and "strict roleplay" tags
07.14SCHED: added a public calendar and server list (with server-ip announcement for crew members only)
04.14CREW: added "retired" state for crew members
04.14SCHED: added "online" and "LAN" switch
03.14Ranks: added TSN-Warship Ranks
05.01.14SCHED: added "maybe" state
27.12.13SCHED: your crew members can now check in as "on duty" or "off duty" at a planned flight. If you let your members check themselves in, they can tell you, that they will join or that they are occupied at that date. This way you also can see, if somebody didn't check in at all.
22.12.13Settings: added country flags to your crew name
added hiring tag to your crew name if you are open for applications
21.12.13Calendar: hit SCHED in your menu to open your crew's schedule. Klick a day to save a planned flight and check in your staff. In the calender view you now see how many members will be on duty this day.
14.12.13Settings/Microsite: if you want people to apply for your crew, activate the application button. This will show a big button on your microsite, and will lead the applicant to a form to fill out.

On your crew's internal startpage you will be informed about the messages you have received.

Crew: Applicants will be displayed. Click on them to answer their request (sign them up or reject them). Signed applicants will go into your active crew list while the rejected will be deleted. In both cases you are able to write them a note, which will be delivered to them by email.
09.12.13Crew: you can now set some of your crewmembers to inactive. This will put them on the reserve list.
During mission setup only active crew members are selectable.
08.12.13Home: Button wich shows all registered Crews
31.10.13Crew: sort crew by name or rank
Crew: show mission count in thumb
12.10.13Misson: added Other Server Settings like Sensor Range, Speed and Weapon Power of enemy and player

4.10.13Misson: each crew member can now add a short report individually
Crew-Microsite: generated Homepage for outside guests with latest missions, videos,....

1.10.13Settings: you can now choose between different rank systems. So far there are Star Trek star trek captain and TSN-Roleplay Community TSN captain.
Rank System: Battlestar GALACTICA (BSG) BSG Admiral added
30.9.13Crew Detail: Mission number offset for each crew member
Settings: embed your own clanpage
Mission: Captain's Log *Yey*