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Artemis Tools THE solution for hardworking space personnel!

NEW 04.2016 - eMail notifications for scheduled flights (go to profile, add email address and choose notification type)
NEW 04.2016 - Vessel Library Updated to Artemis 2.4

Official Flight Ranking List

Overall Statistics

Crew Members488
Won164 (74.89%)

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Top 10 Crews

Crew Games Points
1 [TSN Belisarius BS108US] 37 69560
2 [SMS TegetthoffAT] HIRING 29 65820
3 [TSN RhineDE] 40 54490
4 [UEE Idris] HIRING 6 11980
5 [Cerenity] 3 9800
6 [Brigadoon Space CorpUS] 8 9250
7 [Draco's AvengersUS] HIRING 4 6790
8 [Heathen Steven] 1 3600
9 [WSD PlanetariumUS] 4 3560
10 [USS Enter-NiceDE] HIRING 7 2880

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Artemis Tools is a toolbox for the Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator

  • Roster management - Manage your crew members (even multibridge)
  • Application management - You're hiring? Use the automated application form and handling.
  • Schedule management - Manage your next flights
  • Mission statsitics - Enter your mission outcome
  • Crew Statistics - Check each members preferences. Who is how good at what stations?
  • Engineering preset display - Save your own shortcuts descriptions and view them on the keyboard display
  • Quests - Let your communications officer keep track of quests
  • Officers rank systems - Different Systems you can choose from
    • Star Trekstar trek captain
    • TSN-RP-CommunityTSN captain
    • Battlestar GALACTICA (BSG)BSG Admiral
    • TSN-WarshipAdmiral
  • works perfect on tablet-PCs/laptops even on smartphones
  • everything done smoothly with few clicks, no long inputs (...if you don't want to)
  • add your text reports and Youtube videos afterwards easily
  • watch ohter crew's published flight reports
  • Completely free - just register and have fun.
  1. Crew Roster

    Find all registered crews here. Check out their team size, mission count and their websites.

  2. Public Events

    The next three public events are shown here. Their could be either events like conventions or planned online games or LAN parties. Also you can open the public calendar here.

  3. Server List

    If a crew announces it's game in the calendar, marks it as public and enters the server-IP, the game will be listed here. If you are a crewmember, the IP will be shown to you right after you log in.

    If you are running a convention you can even announce your event without a registration. Just enter your infos. They will be shown in the public calendar and under the next public events here on the start page.

  4. Looking For A Crew?

    Crews looking for new members are listed here. Check out there stats and apply for a station.

  5. Mission Logs

    Read other crew's Mission Logs.

  6. Log In Here

    Register first. It's free. Get your crew account and give it to your team members. Plan your game dates, log your missions, check out the other tools (like the vessel library or the key shortcut tables).

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